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Oleobox Principles

Oleobox Principles

What are our three principles?


At Oleobox, we believe healthy skin is achievable through self-love and care, and not the size of your wallet. It can be difficult to know what is right for your skin, so we are here to help by being your skin-consultants and number one supporters. We bring you non-toxic and natural ingredients. Our ingredients are harnessed locally with farmers who know nature and made alongside chemists and dermatologists who know skin.


We take care of your skin, the environment and the community. Oleobox embraces ethical practices throughout its entire supply chain. Our products are grown by local farmers and support the development of the community. We take action to do good. And, as our customer, you do too.


Here we believe in the power of minimalism and green technology to create tangible change. We believe in the spread and exchange of ideas…your ideas. So that we can continue to do better.

For your Skin Needs

Clean skincare that is environment and skin friendly

Not all products in nature are good for your skin. It is also important to use natural products in a controlled and informed manner. Óleobox embraces the values of "Clean skincare". We ensure that the natural ingredients you use for your skin are obtained under sustainable and ethical conditions.

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Our boxes are specially developed for your skin needs. Developing a skincare routine today can be a complex, expensive, and time-consuming process for most people. For this reason, we offer you solutions to meet the needs of your skin in a single box. Build your customized skincare routine for your skin’s unique needs.

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