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Cleansing Duo Basic Cleansing Duo Basic
2-step facial cleansing series suitable for all skin types..
180.00 TL 200.00 TL
Ex Tax:180.00 TL
3-Step Face Care Box 3-Step Face Care Box
SAVE 12.5%
For a minimal daily routine; cleanser, tonic and moisturizer..
265.00 TL 300.00 TL
Ex Tax:265.00 TL
Body Care Box Body Care Box
Body soap and oil set..
153.00 TL 170.00 TL
Ex Tax:153.00 TL
Breakout Combat Box Breakout Combat Box
SAVE 12.5%
Pimple remover and preventative set; oil and cream cleanser, AHA & clay facial mask..
260.00 TL 295.00 TL
Ex Tax:260.00 TL
Oleobox Essential Box Oleobox Essential Box
SAVE 20%
The most complete and economical face and body care set..
640.00 TL 829.00 TL
Ex Tax:640.00 TL
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